Digital Marketing

Gosh. Digital marketing. What a broad and complex beast! So what is it that I do in the realm of digital marketing?

In a nutshell: I work with clients to come up with road maps for using online communications channels to get the marketing results they want.

This can take many forms including:

  • Reviewing and writing strategies for individual communications channels such as social media, email marketing and online advertising
  • Content marketing strategies – that’s where you use pieces of content like blogs or white papers to position yourself as an expert to help sell your services or organisation
  • Strategise and execute your paid advertising – specifically Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram advertising
  • Partnering with your web development team to make sure that your digital marketing strategies are integrated seamlessly with your new or updated website.

Need something that’s not on the list? Contact me. I’m always happy to chat about your needs to see if I can help.