About Emma Sharp Communications

I amPortait of Emma Sharp from Emma Sharp Communications wearing green jumper and black scarf a driven, passionate and enthusiastic digital communications specialist with a soft spot for working with not-for-profits, performers (especially comedians), and small businesses.


What I do

Honestly – a bit of everything! But mostly I specialise in creating content (words, specifically) that can help you get what you need to run a successful business, not for profit or event.

Whether that’s developing a marketing strategy from scratch, supporting your marketing and communications team on your next campaign to lighten the load and get the best results, increasing donations for your worthy not for profit, getting your social media up and running to help you connect with new clients, or increasing attendance at your next event – I’ve done all this successfully for my clients, and more.

My career has been broad and varied. That means I can work with you from start to finish on your next project. Here’s an example of how I can help.

Let’s imagine you have an up and coming fundraising event and you need help with your marketing and communications. I could

  • Help you to identify your current and potential audience by looking at your database and delving into your digital analytics (and of course by talking to you and your team)
  • Identify which platforms would be best for you to use in the promotion of your event – is online right for you? What about contacting the media?
  • Come up with an impactful message and strong call to action that will get your audience to make that booking
  • Work with your creative team (or contractors, or volunteers) to put together exciting and engaging collateral
  • Identify and implement a variety of suitable strategies, be it email marketing, content marketing, media and influencer engagement – whatever is going to get you the best results
  • I can even do a bit of graphic design or basic video to enhance your campaigns – or I can connect you with my network of talented designers and videographers if you want something next level
  • I can help you set up your ticketing and support you in its administration
  • I’ll report to you regularly on how the campaign is going and adapt it depending on your needs
  • I can come to your event, provide live coverage and liaise with your contractors and volunteers (like photographers and videographers) to make sure things run smoothly
  • I’ll set up and report back on your customer satisfaction survey
  • I’ll provide you a report highlighting the outcomes of the marketing side of the event and make recommendations  for the future

Phew! That’s just one example of how I might work with you. The key is, I’m flexible and take the time to get to know how your organisation runs so that I can work out how to provide the best marketing and communications package for you.

My philosophy

My philosophy is simple, help you to reach your goals in a way that is simple and easy to manage.

That means I work hard to come up with a custom solution that is right for you and above all else – easy for you to manage in house. Feedback from my clients so far has been overwhelmingly positive and there’s a few reasons why

  • I listen. I don’t assume that I have all the answers. YOU are the expert on your organisation  – you know what’s been done in the past, you know what your challenges are and you know where you want to go. Sure, I’m here to provide expert advice, but not until I’ve spent time getting to know you
  • I’m choosy. I don’t just take on any client. I only work with people and organisations that I feel a connection with. That’s not just about what you do – it’s about who you are, what motivates you and how you work. That’s what keeps me motivated. And likewise, I wouldn’t expect a client who doesn’t gel with my way of working, or my philosophy to work with me.
  • I get excited. Like, really excited. Once I take on a client I get invested in what they do and who they are. That keeps me brimming with enthusiasm the whole way through. I’ve worked with some clients for years and I still get a thrill every time I start a new project with them, or we get a got result from a campaign or piece of work that’s been done.

Need more? I offer hip-pocket friendly rates that mean it’s not just a pipe dream to outsource your marketing and communications in an ongoing way. That doesn’t mean I undervalue what I do – it just means that I look at your needs and look at your budget and work out what I can do for you that will give you the most bang for your buck.

My experience

I have over 10 years experience working in marketing and communications, mostly in the not-for-profit and small business sector. While I started my career in media (presenting on community radio) I quickly learned that what I loved most was working behind the scenes. Supporting people to achieve their goals. So I moved into management and then quickly specialised in marketing a communications. I find it fun and rewarding and love the mix of hard data and creativity.

My breadth of experience means that I have a deep understanding of what it really means to run a business and not-for-profit. I know the battles you have with budgets, competing priorities, limited resources and as a business owner or manager the multiple hats you have to wear to get things done. I also understand that often marketing and communications can fall by the way side, and I’m here to help.

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