About Emma Sharp Communications

I amPortait of Emma Sharp from Emma Sharp Communications wearing green jumper and black scarf a driven, passionate and enthusiastic communications specialist with a soft spot for working with not-for-profits, performers (especially comedians), and small businesses.


What I do

I specialise in creating content (words, specifically) and providing marketing support that provides you with the material you need to attract new customers or donors and the time you need to make sure they are looked after.

The content I create can take many forms including:

  • Writing blogs to promote your business, not for profit or event
  • Writing press releases to get the media excited about what you’re doing
  • Creating social media content including images and words that help you build a connected community
  • Mapping out, and writing your web content (SEO optimised!) to get people to visit (and stay on) your website
  • Writing copy for your printed marketing materials like brochures, fliers, posters, postcards – you name it! It’s not all about digital
  • Writing radio or video scripts for engaging and informative ads or long-form video to entertain and educate your audience
  • Creation of email marketing content including short news articles, letters from the CEO and more
  • ..and pretty much any other content that requires it to be written!

But wait…there’s more

As well as creating content I also have the skills to assist you in managing all those marketing tasks you keep putting off because you have no time

  • Need to update all that out-dated the content on your website? I can do that (I can even do some basic coding so it doesn’t look like a dogs breakfast)
  • Need me to whip those email lists into shape? I can cull the dead weight and get them in order so that you can target your marketing to make it even more effective
  • Need someone to put together your monthly social media and website figures so you can keep track of how you’re doing? I can even make them look really pretty!
  • Want to make sure someone is posting regularly on your social media and making sure that you’re not missing any vital messages or enquiries? I love helping to look after online communities

While I specialise in the creating content, my experience reaches beyond that. I’m also a gun project manager, have extensive experience in marketing strategy and just love helping people with the day to day marketing ‘stuff’, so that you can focus on building your business, organisation or career.

My philosophy

My philosophy is pretty simple. Listen to what you need and create really great content that reflects your organisation and do all of that while being efficient and a pleasure to work with.

Need more? I offer hip-pocket friendly rates that mean it’s not just a pipe dream to¬†outsource your marketing and communications in an ongoing way.

My experience

I have over 10 years experience working in marketing and communications, mostly in the not-for-profit and small business sector. I have worked in radio as a copy writer, in management roles in the not for profit and media sectors, worked as a Communications Manager in a prominent social enterprise and have been running a successful communications business for the last two years.

My breadth of experience means that I have a deep understanding of what it means to run a business and not-for-profit. I know the battles you have with budgets, competing priorities, limited resources and as a business owner or manager the multiple hats you have to wear to get things done. I also understand that often marketing and communications can fall by the way side, and I’m here to help.

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